There many questions that come up when making any kind of purchase, large or small. We will try to answer all of your questions here.

Q: Why Do I Need a Dash Guard?
A: The UV rays cause your dash to dry out and crack. A Dash Guard will protect any vehicle's dash from the sun's harsh UV ray's.

Q: Will the Dash Guard Fade or Shrink?
A: Dash Guards are made from high quality materials that are very resistant to fading and shrinking.

Q: Will the Velcro Ruin My Dash?
A: Velcro type products that we use will not harm the dash. They can easily be removed, even after being on the dash for years. The Velcro strips peel up and the dash needs minimal cleaning.

Q: Are Dash Guards Returnable?
A: Due to the custom nature of each one of our Dash Guard's,  our standard policy is that all sales are final. For this reason we ask that you select your Dash Guard color very carefully.

Q: How long before my order ships?
A: Your order will ship in 3-5 Business Days

Q: How will my Dash Guard ship?
A: Your Dash Guard Will ship by UPS

Q: How do I track it?
A: On Line or by Calling us, you choose.

Q: Can I order online?
A: Not Yet! Call Us - 800-789-5588

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