Fabric & Color

Dash Guard has been the preferred name in dash covers for years and we expect that tradition to continue for many years to come. All of our dash covers are hand crafted by people who care, and people we care for. Although our facility has state of the art cutting tables, we prefer to hand finish our dash covers one at a time so that no detail is missed.

The making of a quality dash cover goes well beyond just the fabric, or the thread, or even the stitching. It is the experience that only comes with time that makes a superior dash cover. The pattern must be perfect, every cut must be well thought out, and the pieces must come together seamlessly and fit together as if they were molded for the dash board.

Over the years, many customers have come to us to ask if we can “fix” a dash cover made by another company and it just simply can’t be done. It is always easier (and cheaper) to make a new dash cover.

Additionally, the talents of our sewing department extend across a number of different industries, so if it has anything to do with fabric and thread, we have the in-house expertise to fabricate it.

Check us out before you make your purchase decision. Behind every Dash Guard you will find:

  • Extensive industry experience
  • Multiple-industry knowledge
  • Cutting edge technology
  • Craftsmanship rooted in tradition and quality

We look forward to serving you now and for years to com

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We are located in Wellton, AZ. Just 18 minutes east of Yuma

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